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Nicola's work reflects a love of both the clean lines of architecture juxtaposed with the organic forms of nature and landscape. As a textile artist, she is fascinated with how the two both contradict and enhance one another when intertwined and threaded together in accumulated mixed media form. 

Her focused small-scale pieces are a layering and crafting of mainly recycled, texturally interesting fabrics, yarns and thread.

Using a combination of techniques including free motion machine embroidery, appliqué, hand embroidery and painting with acrylics and Inktense, each piece is bespoke, blending both colours and textures together to create an embellished and sculpted piece. She believes this organic process of collation and free hand crafting brings life to photographs in a unique and refreshingly vibrant way.

She takes inspiration for her pieces from both her urban, rural and natural surroundings of her home in North Yorkshire, England, as well as across the UK and abroad. Through the making process, she enjoys seeing how the work cultivates and builds over time and is able to recreate a precious moment captured in photographs, of her travels, coming alive in the intricacies of cloth, wool and other fibres. 

She was accepted as a member of The Society for Embroidered Work in 2020 and a member of York Textile Artists in 2021.

Edinburgh Doorway
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